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Do you have FAITH - enough to KEEP KNOCKING on doors, in strong belief that ONE of those doors CAN AND WILL MEET YOUR EMPLOYMENT NEEDS?    -                                                                                         Glory... to Glory... to Glory... to Glory... I RISE and GROW!    - FBTS-caw                                                                                        We are powerless over others and the elements in this world - but power is given to the wise.    - FBTS-caw                                                                                        Escape corrupted systems by increasing in more solid principles of virture (i.e., understanding, wisdom, discernment, peacemaking skills, etc). Do these things and you shall NEVER fail.    - The Bible (2 Peter 1:2-10)                                                                                        Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, It is that we are powerful beyond measure...We were born to make manifest the glory of God within...As we allow our lights to shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.    - Nelson Mandela, Inaug Addrs, Pretoria -May 1994                                                                                        The best GPS NAVIGATION MAP is --- the bible. It will guide you to success and stability?    - FBTS-caw                                                                                        We can lead a thirsty horse to water, but we can't make it drink...IOWs, get solid advice, but only you can walk towards your dreams and watch them become reality!    - based on an old english homily (1175)                                                                                        You only live once, so lay it all on the line for a good plan, the odds are you'll land on your feet.    - FBTS-caw                                                                                       

Welcome to Faith Based Transition Services.

Our mission is to be a supportive agent working to eliminate the obstacles and barriers that prevent those most at-risk from experiencing stability thru sustainable employment - namely the disadvantaged, underparented, and underprivileged populations.

Why do I need FBTS in my Circle, in my Corner, on my Side?    Here are a few reasons:

FOR LIFE SKILLS/CASE MGT: I'm "failing" and I can't get up. I'm exhausted from all the running around these agencies are putting me thru. I have many immediate needs, but I am running into obstacles. HELP!

FELONY RECORD: I have a "Felony Record" which blocks me from getting a job for 10 years. My past is behind me, but how do we get the employer to understand this fact. I need help with expungement of my criminal record. Then I need a permanent JOB NOW so I can continue to stay on the right path to stability and success. HELP!

IMMEDIATE NEEDS: Every hour is spent hustling to keep my head above water. If I take a month to develop "JOB READINESS" skills without earning any money, I will be homeless. HELP!

UNDER-PARENTING: I know I'm missing basic soft skills that keep blocking me from getting my dream job - speaking well, a positive attitude, values, prioritizing, learning socially appropriate behaviors, what is professionalism?, having positive interactions with my family and the people I will eventually work around. HELP!

CAREER GROOMING: I hate the jobs that I currently qualify for. I wish I had a partner to help me carve out the career I really want, while maintaining my basic needs. HELP!

JOB CONNECTIONS: I have a pattern of getting only temp jobs, and not being able to keep good permanent jobs. Please help me understand how to break this pattern and help me link to a kind of job that is PERMANENT, is respectful to me, and cares about my overall welfare?

LEGAL ADVOCACY: I encounter many systems that I feel are unjustly making me plea bargain my life away, or that unjustly take money from me, and because of these extra expenses I can't be satisfied with my existing job to cover the costs of my basic needs. (landlords, no paid time off, child support system...) HELP!

I AM AN EMPLOYER WHO CAN ASSIST FBTS PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS:    I just want to be part of the solution to America's re-entry problem, and Long-Term Assistance issues.

I WANT TO VOLUNTEER or DONATE to the FBTS mission: I share the FBTS vision and passion and want to join forces. I want to participate in any way that I can, or contribute to the cause. How can I help?

WHAT DO I DO to utilize FBTS Services?


Decide whether you just want to SUBSCRIBE just to keep up with the latest FBTS news, OR if you want to REGISTER because you plan to utilize FBTS services (upper-right crnr).


If you are in need of FBTS services, 1st take the WORK READINESS ASSESSMENT (click the "assessment|scheduling" tab above). View your results! and schedule as a program participant to get a more detailed customized Work Readiness Action Plan (WRAP List). After scheduling your appointment you will to be connected with a WRAP Support Counselor. Having trouble with the assessment? No problem! just call to schedule an appt. to get assistance with completing the assessment.


After your action plan review, you begin the steps of your agreed upon action plan, which lays out a check list of all the items you'll need to complete in order for you to become Job-Ready for one of our job connections.


Keep in Touch with your WRAP Support Counselor, AND They will stay in touch with you periodically to check on your plan progress.


Reap the Rewards! (recommendation letters, WRAP completion transcript, more positive inner circle relationships, more OTJ skills to add to your resume , a new start, a new sense of purpose, a new supportive network of resources, connections, allies, more spiritual friends, and most of all - SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYMENT.

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