THANK YOU, for taking action to support such a complex issue - UNEMPLOYMENT. We know best how to fix the issues that are going on in our communities! We also know that the root of the unemployment issue is going to take a faith-based approach, of which FBTS is capable and committed to provide, along with the efforts of many of you who share the passion and the committment to break through the layers of defenses, lost hope, and dissappointments.

There are many ways that you can join forces with FBTS to help reduce unemployment: you can donate here so we can continue to work without break, or you might have a specialized service to offer - to fill an item from our NEEDS LIST below (or a need we hadn't thought of yet). However you choose to join forces with FBTS, all efforts will assist those in our communities that are found lacking in what it takes to get sustainable employment. It will be the combination of our faith-based approach, accountability & rptg, and a fair amount of local support , which speaks loud and clear to help us secure local and government funding for years to come; And more importantly, it offers relief to many of our family members who will benefit from the invaluable 'inner values' education & case management services that FBTS offers.

TOGETHER, our grass root efforts actually CAN and WILL make an impact in the unemployment rates for those who are the most at risk -the under-educated, the under-parented, and the under-privileged.    SO LET'S DO THIS!   

Community Support -

we need all hands on board for this work - 'Are You In?'

NEEDS LIST: This is a list specific needs that FBTS currently has.    You may want to direct your support to a specific need. We understand and will make that happen.

-  Donate (to genr'l fund - get more 4 employed!) Indiv/Group
-  Donate or deeply discounted auto service to PPs Indiv/Group
-  Land/Property for 'Cooling Off' houses (or cheap buy) Indiv/Group
-  Legal Srvs (part of our network, discounted srvs for the poor) Indiv/Group
-  Legal Srvs (pro-bono) for PPs to prevent re-entry n 4 shared parntg Indiv/Group
-  Tutoring Srvs for PPs or their children (30 day, or Indef commtmts) Indiv/Group
-  Volunteer car pool To Work (small fee) Individual
-  Volunteer to drive PP ToWork n Back Individual

DONATE HERE: Use this block to submit your donations towards our fundraising efforts, pay board member fees, or to order training materials and other items related to job readiness. Whatever you decide, whether you buy something or donate, both will help us to continue with our mission.

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This bottom section is our way of delivering what we promised - open reporting to you, accessible for your review 24-hrs a day. Come back as often as you like to view our progress - and spread the word. We are hoping that more public organizations will follow our lead and provide open reporting. At FBTS, we believe this is how it should be.

Just know, that we are doing everything we can toward helping the unemployed and spiritual and emotional brokenness - because we believe that a faith-based approach is a major part of the answer to 'unemployment', and we plan to operate efficiently and on less.
Continue to pray for us, as we perfect and franchise our process.