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List of Standard Classes
(the job readiness assessment results will auto assign these classes to program participants)

“Let All Doubt Be Shattered” (FAITH): an INTRODUCTION class designed to identify and challenge signs of doubts, hopelessness, and weariness; and to instead provide people with a faith building foundation designed to prepare the hearts and minds of our program participants for their journey of landing a job connection: renew your mind daily; behold, all things become new; mention growth phases thru trial; working out, brush off the cob-webs and develop new muscles

“The 7 deadly TRAPS of life (KNOWLEDGE) - the kinks you want to avoid”: an INTRODUCTION class designed to provide a preview of the traps that people are getting caught up in; and to show people how to avoid known traps that have negative, far-reaching consequences. This class will lead people into the more detailed classes of each specific topic: Definitions of Free-Will, Landlord System, Financial System, Credit Report System, Law Enforcement System, Legal System, Employer System, Human Elements

“The 12 VIRTUES of SUCCESS & STABILITY” (INNER VALUES): PPs learn the in-depth defintion of 12 virtures and ways to apply them in their every day life. Decisions are made out of values that we latched onto and stored in our heart at an early age. Good or bad, we draw from these values as we walk out our life. In this class, we will challenge contaminating values that are lodged in people’s heart, and give PPs the opportunity to replace them with new values that are statistically more stable. This class carries over into GROUP meetings and counseling sessions. Explorations of values like being Prudent about where one goes and who we hang out with, diligence, hospitality, being apt to teach (educating others), being resourceful, gentle, supportive, common courtesy, mercy, goodness).

“Ground One” – GED, Diploma, Driver’s License:

“Take Inventory” (SELF DEFINITION) – a class to help people list and affirm their existing skills, and realistically create a map to walk out where they are heading. Choosing a career, mastery, our God-given purpose. Don’t be afraid of yourself, your unique path, don’t be double-minded, acknowledge every good thing in you, follow in the ways of the Spirit (search for soul peace). Connect to yourself. You are of a royal priesthood, a joint heir, a righteous seed, made after God’s image, a child of the King (God). No man goes to war without many advisors. You live in a world of many voices (many books, thoughts, advice) but turn your eyes to (lean to) the Spirit)…

“Attitudes-Triggers – Responses” (INNER VALUES - temperance): a class designed for more focused attention and exercises on a hard to understand topic - to help people with appropriate responses: not easily provoked, slow to speak & slow to wrath; not being impulsive & reaction;

“Language Development” (KNOWLEDGE): a class designed to help people develop their language skills to have more clear communication in their work environment; market yourself; defend yourself; have an answer.

“Entrepreneurship” (BROTHERLY KINDNESS): a class designed to help people find their dreams, develop their ideas, market their ideas.

“Financial Mgt/Budgeting/Banking/Investments/Loans/Credit Reports (KNOWLEDGE): a class designed to teach people how to be self sustaining in their basic needs: ROI – good debt vs. bad debt.

“Re-Building Family” (INNER VALUES – RESPECT, FORGIVENESS, MERCY): a class designed to focus on giving participants the tools to mend their family relationships and to surround themselves with supportive network of friends: Shared parenting, agape love expands (gentleness, patience, loving people on their level, interdependence, I am my brother’s keeper.
One huge way to show others that you love them is by demonstrating your understanding of relationship laws (we draw principles from the Chinese culture, and from the bible teachings: The ‘golden rule’, and “learning to share in the joys and trials in life”, “Love believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love rejoices w/them that rejoice, Rejoices in the truth (1 Cor 13).
Honoring The 8 relationships: Elder-Younger Teacher-Student Boss-Employee (hireling, master, lord) Husband-Wife (egalitarian, not owner-ship) Parent-Children God-Friend (Spiritual Partner) Leader-Subject (military terms) Immediate Family - Extended Family Friends - same rank siblings

“Being the STRONG MAN of my house” (GODLINESS, AGAPE LOVE): a class designed to show people how to protect themselves when surrounded by bad people, and how to properly protect their property (required for all).

“Navigating thru Life” (REINFORCEMENT)– a final class that concludes (culminates) all the principles taught at FBTS’. It is filled with real life application scenarios and exercises on how to navigate thru all the TRAPS that could prevent us from sustainable employment: family drama, our personal values & responses, the police department, and the courthouse”:

“Time Mgmt, Priorities” (SKILLS BUILDING)– a class designed to help people organize their time and energy in a way that matches their priority and value system. (EXERCISES).

“Domestic Violence” (NEGOTIATING, PEACEMAKING SKILLS) – a class that challenges the mind of an abuser (thoughts about the other group, physical, verbal, sexual) .

“Working In Harmony with the world- Survival” (WISDOM) – a class designed to help people interact with diverse people utilizing inner values of goodness, being a peacemaker, grace, mercy triumphs over judgment/vengeance. 10 commandments of working in a hostile work environment...until we all are awakened to to come into unity.         FBTS-OH.ORG        GAHANNA, OH    43230        Copyright 2009©