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Mission:  To eliminate the obstacles and barriers that prevent those most at-risk from experiencing stability thru sustainable employment, using a faith-based, supportive approach to case management.

Welcome to Faith Based Transition Services (FBTS). The roots of this organization was born out of the God-inspired mission of Cynthia Alexander (aka: Cynthia Womack). While serving in an Administrative in-reach capacity in her church, she began to notice the pattern - that a lot of the church members were struggling and suffering great strain in their families, after many attempts of engaging with life-sustainiing service agencies. These service agencies which are mostly funded by our tax dollars, public donations, and gov't funding, are most often disconnected in their information sharing and each having their own process for providing services. This results in people needing to fill out and provide proof of their circumstances multiple times, taking off work under the threat of losing their jobs - which is the main reason people often spin (or get caught in the kinks) of these systems. Cynthia could identify all too well because she could recall having many negative and sometimes harsh encounters with service agencies as a young adult, and her feelings of being overwhelmed - many times feeling under-prepared and was herself a product of under-parenting. Cynthia recalled that when she reached out for temporary assistance, she instead found herself spinning and struggling to wade thru all the redundant paper work, unreasonable rules, and red-tape found within these important life sustaining agencies, which did not help but instead threatened to ruin the good course that she was on. These life-sustaining businesses could be the banking system, credit systems, the rental system, relationship counseling, educational systems, healthcare systems, religious systems, employment systems, charitable/gov't assistance systems, and legal systems…to name a few. These systems are all the entities that happen to be the systems that are essential to adult basic needs. The lesson Cynthia learned was:

if these life systems are not well understood, managed and utilized properly, any person can quickly spin out of control within them, lose their stability and god-forbid their family, and be penalized countless amounts of dollars as they try to correct and stabilize themselves within these systems.

Those who spin the most are the young adults, those who don't have good follow-up habits, and those who aren't agressive enough to come up with the right questions to get "fairness" out of these systems. Unfortunately in too many cases, "fairness" was scarcely found in these life saving services that were intended to help - but in actuality they harm the people who so desperately need their services. After many years of painfully watching needless sufferings, Cynthia identified a place where all the forces seemed to converge and carried with it the potential to do the most rippling damage - employment.

So, in 2009, Cynthia began to conceptually set up FBTS, while continuing to work in her field of Information Technology (Reporting, Informatics, Analytics, Streamlining Business Processes). She was moved to enroll in a Masters program for Mental Health Counseling, with hopes to gain the history, methods, and credentials to help introduce policy changes or process changes to the offending systems she would come across in the "work" that would lie ahead for FBTS.

    There are many reasons why people spin in the systems they may engage in, causing re-entry and stagnation. A few of these reasons include:

    • -   The lack of job-appropriate customer service skills in the workers who fail to realize the life impacting services that they provide;
    • -   Computer glitches that only get corrected if the customer calls back;
    • -    A person who is product of under-parenting, or did not have a good beginning. Most of the time education was not a focus in their households growing up, or they are just missing
    •       higher-level language skills, and inner values application.    Should they suffer for being a product of their environment?;
    • -    A person does not have a good support system - no family unity, and no intervention has been sought to mend the family;
    • -    too proud to just ask for advice on how best to navigate sophisticated systems.
    • -    A person is weighed down by co-dependent, or extremely disfunctional family members - which I call the drowning syndrome. Offering counseling/coaching/family intervention
    •       to this family would help lift a heavy burden so that they can consistently become more productive employeees;
    • -    Long term confusion and suffering is the number one cause of mental illness - FBTS aims to spark the flame again, by inspiring hope, bringing support to the family,
    •       and helping the person get back on the path to success

    Cynthia believes that "it takes a village to help a child transition into adulthood" so she further envisioned creating this non-profit org and web site where AMERICA would help AMERICA become more educated in important areas, to help them navigate and master key life skills. You can help impact UNEMPLOYMENT rates in many ways - by local community support at the top of our home page, by filling our needs list, by filling the search knowledgebases with resources, and by providing feedback to our polls which we will send out occasionally. We use statistics as a powerful persuasion tool to educate and reinforce teachings to program participants. However you show your community support, you'll get in return program integrity and full accountability from us in the progress report we post on our "Community Support" page. With 'all hands on board', program participants will really know that they are not alone and that a lot of angels are in alliance with them, who are pointing them on the pathway at every turn of their life journey; and in the middle somewhere we are helping to improve national unemployment rates, and to make an impact in the national mental health crisis.

    • It is our belief that if people have UNDERSTANDING and VALUES, they would BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY
    • It is our belief that if humble people receive a BREAK/AN OPPORTUNITY for their preparation, and receive POSITIVE FEEDBACK for their drastic turn arounds, that they would continue to become better people
    • It is our belief is that if people were PROVIDED HISTORICALLY-PROVEN WISDOM and SOLID LIFE PRINCIPLES, that they would add it to their "inner toolbox" and USE THE TOOL WHEN A SITUATION CALLS FOR IT
    • It is our belief that if people help people find PURE SOURCES OF WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING - which actually does produce inner stability and peace, then they would VISIBILY INCREASE IN THEIR EXPERIENCE OF GOOD RESULTS and STABILITY, and thereby become MORE harmonic and effective people.

    Cynthia Alexander
    Executive Director, HISM, HCDA
    contact info:

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